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Flea Control

Regular treatment is essential to prevent your pet picking up fleas that can quickly turn into an infestation of your pet and home.

Fleas are often an unwelcome house guest when you own a cat or dog. Infestations start when adult fleas jump onto our pets from an infested environment - possibly your home, garden or local park.

We offer a wide range of flea treatments including spot-on's, collars, tablets and for cats a 6 monthly injection.

Fleas bite your pet to enjoy a blood meal and these bites cause irritation at best, and significant health problems at worst, including:  

Allergic skin diseases

 Transmission of tapeworms

Blood loss and anaemia (puppies and kittens)

Only 5% of a flea problem is on your pet the other 95% is in your house.
We recommend a quality household spray which lasts 12 months from a single application and also reduces dust mites.

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Flea Treatment

  ✓ Dogs treated every 2 months


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Flea Treatment

✓ Cats should be treated every month.

Single or Multi-dose

treatments available starting from: £4.25

Fleas are not only irritating to humans they can also cause allergic skin disease in dogs & cats.


• This can cause discomfort and irritation that can progress to severe itching and self inflicted damage to the skin.

Fleas can also transmit tapeworms to your pets.


Flea infestation in puppies and kittens can cause severe blood loss and anaemi.

Fleas breed throughout the year in centrally heated homes.



In some cases your pet may need a blood test as part of a health check prior to a general anaesthetic, because they are unwell, or to monitor treatment of a disease. We can run a variety of tests in-house to quickly diagnose disease or infection and to assess response to treatment;

Blood Analysis – we have an onsite high tech laboratory that can run a range of blood tests to provide our clients with prompt results. 

Blood tests

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