Kitten Vaccinations


We recommend that all cats receive regular vaccinations to provide protection against several diseases which can be caught from the environment or from other cats – Feline Enteritis (parvo like disease) Cat Flu and Feline Leukaemia Virus.


Why vaccinate?

Early immunisation against life threatening infectious pet diseases saves many lives. Kittens are particularly susceptible to disease and should be vaccinated to ensure their health and survival, and boost their natural immunity.


Infectious diseases

There are certain infectious diseases you should protect your pet against, depending on its individual lifestyle. Kittens and cats should to be protected against cat flu (viral and/or bacterial), feline leukaemia and feline enteritis. It is a legal requirement that all cats entering a cattery have up to date vaccinations.


A cat’s vaccinations can be started at anytime from 9 weeks of age

Beginning with a “primary course” of two injections 3 - 5 weeks apart. It is then really important that they receive an annual vaccination to maintain the protection.


At Valley Vets ALL our vaccinations prices include a full health check

To check for problems even if you have not been aware of them and often allow an early diagnosis that can be so important in ensuring a successful outcome.