The Valley Vets


Our commitment to you

We will endeavour to provide veterinary services in accordance with reasonable standards denoted by the RCVS guidelines for practice standards and the professional conduct of veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses. All Veterinary Services shall be supplied in accordance with normal professional standards.

In an emergency we reserve the right to provide such Veterinary Services as are reasonably necessary, in the professional judgement of the veterinary surgeon, without first agreeing a treatment plan although we would endeavour to do so where this would not unduly risk patient welfare. 

Veterinary Services shall be supplied during our normal business hours (these may change from time to time), the current opening hours can be found on our website at Outside of these hours veterinary services will be provided by our out of hours service provider at the Royal Veterinary College (RVC). This service will incur the fees charged by the RVC.  

We reserve the right to decline to supply Veterinary Services at our discretion. You are free at all times at your cost and subject to the payment obligations in these terms and conditions, to seek a second opinion on or concerning any Veterinary Services provided


All fees, diet & drug charges are subject to VAT at the current rate. Fee levels are determined by the time spent on a case & according to the drugs, materials, consumables & diets used. Details of our fees are available on request & a detailed invoice can be provided for every consultation, procedure or transaction. Estimates can also be provided on request for non in-patient treatment- see details below.


Referrals and second opinions

The Veterinary surgeon will facilitate a client’s request for a referral or second opinion. A referral may be for a diagnosis, procedure and/or possible treatment, after which the case is returned to the referring veterinary surgeon, whereas a second opinion is only for the purpose of seeking the views of another veterinary surgeon.

When will we refer?
Veterinary surgeons will recognise when a case or a treatment option is outside their area of competence and will be prepared to refer it to an external organisation or institution, whom they are satisfied is competent to carry out the investigations or treatment involved.

The veterinary surgeon will make a referral appropriate to the case. When considering what is appropriate the veterinary surgeon will consider all relevant factors. These might include the ability and experience of the referral veterinary surgeon, the location of the service, the urgency of treatment and the circumstances of the owner, including the availability and any limitations of insurance.

In cases where the client does not accept the veterinary surgeon’s advice regarding referral and would instead prefer referral to a colleague, organisation or institution of which the referring veterinary surgeon has insufficient knowledge to determine appropriateness, they may need to advise their client accordingly. In some such cases, the veterinary surgeon may consider that they cannot be party to such a referral relationship.

Both the referring veterinary surgeon and the referral veterinary surgeon will ensure that the client has an understanding of the likely cost arising from the referral.

Settlement terms

Accounts are due for settlement in full at end the end of the consultation, the discharge of your animal or upon collection of drugs/diets/products.

Your account may be settled using:


• Credit/debit card - Visa, Mastercard, Maestro or Solo.

• Other e.g. direct insurance claim, - this is at the discretion of the practice and must be authorised by a director BEFORE treatment is completed.

Our services and products will be provided based upon our current price list at the time. A copy of this is available upon request and is subject to change without notice. If you have any question regarding the costs to be incurred, you should discuss this with the veterinary surgeon in charge of your pet’s treatment or another member of our team for clarification.

Direct insurance claims are accepted at the discretion of our Practice Principle. A direct insurance claim is one where you do not pay us the full amount, just the excess and fees not covered by your insurance policy; and we claim the balance direct from your insurance company. Should all or any part of the insurance claim not be paid by your insurance company for any reason you will be liable for the outstanding balance.

Any credit card payment not honoured and any cash tendered that is found to be counterfeit will result in your account being restored to the original sum together with any fees incurred in the process.

We may refer overdue accounts to our Debt Collection Agency or the County Courts. This could incur you further costs whilst collecting the debt.

If an invoice or sum owed is not paid when due then without prejudice to any other remedies available to us we may at any time: add additional charge(s) to your outstanding account in order to recover fees and costs in connection with the collection of the sum owed (including but not limited to administrative costs and debt collection agency fees); and
Issue notice to you that no further Veterinary Services and/or Products will be supplied to you.

If you are unable to pay for the Veterinary Services we are only obliged to fulfil our minimum legal responsibilities and professional obligations in respect of your pet.

Inability to pay

If, for any reason, you are unable to settle your account as specified, we ask you to discuss the matter as soon as possible with a member of staff. Please note that instalment payments or part-payments of any account may only be sanctioned with the express permission of an authorised director after appropriate checks have been made and you will need to sign an acknowledgement of debt. The granting of permission for instalment payments rather than full payment at the time of treatment is at Valley Vet’s absolute discretion.


Prescriptions are available from this practice. You may obtain Prescription Only Medicines, category V, (POM-Vs) from your veterinary surgeon OR ask for a prescription and obtain these medicines from another veterinary surgeon or pharmacy. Your veterinary surgeon may prescribe POM-Vs only for animals under his or her care. A prescription may not be appropriate if your animal is an in-patient or immediate treatment is necessary. The general policy of this practice is to re-assess every six months any animal that requires repeat prescriptions, but this frequency may increase or decrease depending on individual circumstances and the opinion of the veterinary surgeon.

When you request a repeat prescription for your pet we can only supply the medication if:

- the Veterinary Surgeon caring for your pet has authorised the repeat prescription.

- your pet has been seen by one of our Veterinary surgeons within the last 6 months.

There will be a charge for such repeat prescription to cover the time, responsibility and professional insurance costs involved. Please ask a member of staff for the current prescription fee.

Pet Insurance

We may recommend pet insurance, but any contract of insurance is between you and your insurer. Please ensure that you refer to the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

Data Protection

We will use the personal information you provide to us to: provide the Veterinary Services and Products; process your payments for the Veterinary Services and Products; and inform you about the products and services that we or selected third parties provide, but you may stop receiving these at any time by contacting us.

Starter Pack

Our starter pack offers a discounted price when you vaccinate, microchip and neuter your new puppy or kitten with us. This includes


- 10% discount on neutering cost
- FREE microchip (if not already chipped)

The pack is delivered in 4 stages, 1st Vaccination, 2nd Vaccination, Neutering & Microchip (if required) if your pet is already microchipped e.g. by the breeder before you got them then you can still use the starter pack but only discounted neutering is offered. 

Important terms

- Pets must be under 6months of age when they commence the pack.

- Have been neutered by 6months of age for cats and 12months for dogs.

- The above discounts shall only be applied upon completion of all 3 components of the starter pack regardless of the order in which they are completed. If a microchip is implanted prior to the 3rd and final stage of the process a refundable deposit shall be taken. 

- Animals that have been used for breeding are not eligible for the starter pack.  

- The starter pack shall be offered solely at the discretion of the practice and no variation on the above terms can be accepted without the consent of the practice director. 

- No cash alternative will be offered if your pet has already been microchipped.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer such as neutering vouchers.


It is our intention that all our clients should be satisfied with the Veterinary Services and any Products supplied. In the event that you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the Veterinary Services or Products supplied by us or our staff, in the first instance you should contact the Practice to discuss your concerns and we shall endeavour to address any issues arising.

If you remain dissatisfied, then please refer to our complaints policy, we can provide you with further details at the practice or on our website.

In the case of a complaint, we may share your information with our insurers or our indemnity providers or other professional advisors if we believe that this will enable us to resolve your complaint more effectively.

Compliments / Feedback

We are always pleased to receive compliments or feedback on the service we provide. This can be done via 

• Email the practice 
• Call us on 01438 369390
• Alternatively write to the Practice either via post or hand in to reception.

Ownership of records

Case records and similar documents are the property of and will be retained by Valley Vets. Even though a charge may be made for carrying out the investigations and interpreting the results, ownership of the resulting record e.g. an x-ray, remains the property of the Practice. Upon request copies of records with a summary of the history of your animal will be passed to another Veterinary Surgeon taking over your animal's well being.


Valley Vets may contact you either by letter, phone, text or electronic means in order to advise you of outstanding accounts, reminders of your pet’s preventative healthcare treatments, and any marketing initiatives that might be of benefit to you or your pet. Please inform us if you wish to modify how we may contact you. Please be aware that choosing to have no contact from us at all will remove the ability of the practice to send vaccination reminders.

Reminders are provided as a complimentary service to our clients. Valley Vets accepts no liability for any loss, damages or costs which may result from the failure of a client to receive any reminder.

Variation in Terms and Conditions of Business

No addition or variation of these conditions will bind the practice unless specifically agreed in writing by the Valley Vets Director(s). Additionally no agent or person employed by or under contract with the Practice has the authority to alter or vary these terms and conditions in any way.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Please ask in practice for the latest version.